The social and emotional needs of NCA Kids are foundational in our program. We’ve built an inclusive environment with respect and love for all our children. From kissing ouchies, cozy book reading, and hello hugs, children in our care know they are loved by their teachers and friends.

Positive Guidance

Our teachers are trained on the Conscious Discipline® method for resolving conflict, modeling empathy, and demonstrating appropriate behavior. We believe positive guidance is the most effective technique for supporting a child’s emotional growth and understanding.


Our classrooms follow a school-year advancement method, where children stay together as a group during the entire school year. This ensures children build strong relationships with peers and teachers without the negative effects that come from moving classrooms because of a birthday. This method provides children a consistent and stable classroom where they feel safe and secure.


Families joining NCA are not simply selecting a preschool, they are joining a community of like-minded parents and educators. Concepts like attachment-parenting, home birthing, and play-based learning are embraced within the larger community.

We host numerous family and classroom events throughout the year for families to build upon this community and strengthen the relationships that support their children.