NCA Kids experience Emergent Natural Play. Families choosing NCA seek to preserve & protect their child’s youth through play-based learning with a focus on experiences over academics.

We believe the future world will need creative answers to complex challenges solved by groups of people working together across continents and cultures. This worldview guides our intention for the learning at Natural Choice Academy.

Emergent Curriculum

Children in our classrooms are active participants in the learning process through an approach known as Emergent Curriculum. This is a way of planning based on children’s natural curiosity and interests. Teachers guide hands-on experiences that foster creativity and experimentation using natural materials and play.

Classroom Environment

Our classroom environments and teaching methods include the following:

  • Natural materials such as clay, wood, insects, dirt, water and sand, wooden toys and natural silks.
  • Exploration centers that include woodworking, sensory materials light tables and large/small block play.
  • Learning centers where children choose their interests and can achieve deep play.
  • Music and yoga enrichment activities are included in the cost of tuition for all children.
  • Zero screentime with no televisions, tablets, or computers.
  • No worksheets, flashcards, rote memorization, report cards or homework.


We take inspiration from the Reggio Emilia approach as well as influences from Waldorf, Montessori, Bing, and others to create a unique environment for our families.